DJs of the Tango Marathon

Lucas Malec (BsAs/Amsterdam)

DJ, dancer and musician. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lucas studied Music Composition in Amsterdam and plays with Pannonica Tango Orquesta. He teaches tango and organices the milonga “Tinta Roja” in Amsterdam. As a Tango DJ he played in Argentine and European milongas, weekends, encuentros, festivals, marathons and in many other events. Always mixing on the spot and known for creating a continuous high-energy vibe throughout the crowd and keeping the dancers emotionally engaged, always using quality tracks that he selects and improves in his studio. With his intense tango music mixed with “power cortinas”, he is capable to keep the dancers until the morning… ! Do not miss it!

Enjoy DJ Lucas aka Tabernero on Friday, June 29 from 21:00 till 2:00.

Jonas Maria Joma (Germany)

"The overture begins with the first note/sound of the music.
It's not just black or white, it's the variety of timbres that makes the rainbow of music come alive.
Immerse yourself in this wonderful passion – TANGO.

The message of this is that I am very thankful that this music has come into my life.
It is a gift that fulfils me; I say thank you for allowing me to play, listen, list and dance.
During this time I can immerse myself in another world – mysticism, mood, melody, atmosphere, fantasy
Music, lyrics, melody and dance inspire me and give me what I miss in this world; then I feel the energy!
Mind, body and soul combine to form a whole.
The music changes me, puts me I a trance, lets feelings flow – Flow.

I know what I do and I love what I do! I want your inner child to blossom as my inner child revives with the music, rhythm, emotions, joy and fun. With my music I would like to tell you a story and take you on a journey that we do not know where to go ...
It should be a celebration for all of us – a mutual giving and taking, which I like to celebrate together with you because I love you as a human as I love the music. The most beautiful moods and moments are always experienced together!"

Enjoy his DJing on Saturday, June 30 from 14:00 till 19:00.

Oliver Koch (Belgium)

Tango dancer, teacher, organiser and DJ since 1992. We are proud and happy to have him during the Saturday night!

“For the past 25 years I have been given regular classes and workshops. By using and studying the music in every single class I teach, I became more and more aware of which repertoire and style of dance relates to which type of orchestra.
In every milonga I aim to propose a journey for the dancers through the music, were every selected song in the tanda influences the atmosphere of the moment of the night. The goal for me is reached when not only every independent couple is in harmony, but when the whole crowed is dancing as one”.

Enjoy his DJing on Saturday, June 30 from 20:00 till 3:00.

Stefan Cremer (Germany)

Tanguero since 2001, DJ-ing since 2007, entusiastic, passionate and dedicated...

"I am DJ in regular regional milongas, festivals, tango marathons and encuentros. Travel throughout Germany to our European neighbors. My passion is the great classical orchestra. From the 1930s to the late 1950s. In carefully selected tandas – playful, melodic, romantic, dramatic, rhythmic and cheerful – My attention is focused not only on the music, but also on the tangueras and tangueros that each tanda beginning and ending, with a "must-dance feeling".
"With a sense of creating a symbiosis of music and dancers, the tandas lead through the eras of tango."

Enjoy DJ Don Esteban on Sunday, July 1 from 14:00 till 19:00.

Francis Mbila (The Netherlands)

DJ Francis started dancing tango in 2012 and since 2015 he has also been active as a DJ. Francis is a regular DJ at Tipotango in Eindhoven and has been invited to different milongas in the tres países, the 4D Festival in Eindhoven and the "Totally in Tango" events. Francis likes to approach DJ-ing as a dancer; music should summon you on to the dance floor, inviting you to express a myriad of emotions, facilitating an optimal connection with your partner and fellow dancers. To achieve this, he keeps a careful eye on the dancers, picking up clues that hint at the required music for an optimal atmosphere.

Enjoy his DJing on Sunday, July 1 from 20:00 till 1:00.